If I lay here

Cost of bag: $35. Caity’s post shopping glow: Priceless.

I didn’t realise how something so small/simple could bring so much joy and excitement to Caity. To me it was just a cute bumblebee bag that she could use now that her other bag’s zipper is spoilt but seeing her soooo happy made me feel happy too. I would love to remind her when she grows older about this day when she couldn’t stop smiling after buying a bumblebee bag, hahaha.

Always the best part of my good or bad days. You and I together 4eva and 5eva. 

Always the best part of my good or bad days. You and I together 4eva and 5eva. 

It always feels like my favourite part of the week just whizzes by in a blur. Meetups, gym, church, family time and then it is goodbye weekends.

I am glad that the Soci kids caught up over lunch and I feel so inspired listening to some of the things they are doing at work. I wish I could share about how meaningful my work is but that would be a complete lie. I guess finding meaning is a process and hopefully I will get there one day.

Family time during the weekends is also very precious because as much as I come from a big family, the house is usually very quiet on weekdays. My siblings are always either somewhere around the world or busy at work. 

Looking forward to Friday already. Thankful for the short work week ahead!

4th and 5th April: Dubai Mall, The Music Room and Pool Day.

Dubai sort of shuts down on Friday so we were kind of at a loss as to what to do. We decided to have a long buffet lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading down to the souk area. Was hoping to be able to see a bit of the famed spice and gold souks but most of the shops were closed so we only saw a few spice shops and then got really annoyed by some people who were constantly asking us to go look at their imitation goods and would not take no for an answer. 

We took a walk down the creek after and took one of their water taxis. For 30cents you get a seat on the bench of a sampan-like boat and the driver will bring you across the creek. We then took the metro down to Dubai mall and ditched plans to go to some flower garden for fika and games at the arcade. Technically we had no choice as it was impossible to get a cab to the garden so we decided to make the best of our time at the mall. It was fun to play random basketball games and air hockey. Jens won me a…skipping rope! Hahaha yayyy:)

We then ended the night at the Music Room at our hotel in the company of lots of pretty friendly South Africans and live music by a famous band from Zimbabwe. We redeemed our free welcome drink coupon and won a sun hat and more free beer at scratch and win. It was a really fun way to end our stay in Dubai. 

The next day was spent by the pool before our respective flights home. It was a really great week spent together and it was so hard to say goodbye. I do enjoy travelling with Jens a lot and I cannot wait for us to meet again.

Till the next time, xoxo.

3rd April: Atlantis The Palm Aquaventure.

Today we spent a day at The Palm. The thing about this place is that you have to be ready to spend quite a bit of money but I think that it is worth it for the experience. I got up really early in the morning because I was super excited to go to the waterpark and kept trying to wake up the sleepy bf. We were both living in two different time zones so I was super chirpy in the morning while he was very awake at night.

Anyway it has been a longgg time since I have stepped into a waterpark so I enjoyed most of the rides. Of course the more thrilling the better and they didn’t disappoint with two near vertical drop slides. We also spent some time on the private (fake) beach and had a good view of the rest of Dubai and the Burj al Arab. 

We were having so much fun going round the Rapids that we ended up having to make a crazy dash to get our meal coupons and run to the nearest restaurant to redeem our meals before 5.45pm. We then left the park to visit the aquarium. It was a nice relaxing way to end an adrenaline filled day!

2nd April: Burj Khalifa

Today we had prebooked tickets to go up the tallest building in the world which was also situated next to the largest mall in the world - Dubai mall. I kinda wished that we could go all the way to the top and have a 360 degree outdoor view of Dubai but it was still a very spectacular view from the observatory nonetheless. The size of building in real life is really incredible.

We then went to Dubai mall which is great if you have deep pockets. This is because they have every brand from high street to high fashion there so you can shop till you drop. But of course the convenience also comes at a higher price. Sooo it was nice to just eye candy all the branded bags of the local ladies and their kids. Yes young girls there do carry mini Celine, Chanel and Prada bags and sometimes you do get a peek of their Hermes or Christian Louboutin shoes.

We hung around till evening when the Dubai fountain started their shows every half an hour. We managed to get a table at a Japanese restaurant overlooking the fountain so we had a very good view of a couple of the shows. It was a really romantic meal, hahaha probably the most romantic one we have had till date. We had a good view of the Burj Khalifa and the fountain and also enjoyed really good Japanese food. I am so glad Jens loves Jap food as much as I do.

This is cool stuff. Now, why am I not in Sweden already? Oh right, red tape.