If I lay here

Swedish Quiz

Once in awhile Jens does things that surprises me. Hahaha, I would love to be that good in Swedish. And in case you are wondering, my legit score was only half of that;)

KTV + Oktoberfest weekend with the hall mates.

In spite of the low quality pictures, it was a memorable weekend. I don’t remember the last time I went to a KTV but it was fun to learn some new chinese songs that night. Oktoberfest was quite a let down though. I think I enjoyed pigging out at Macs more. Seaweed shaker fries anytime!

Now time to go into full detox mode.


Recently, I have been very into the MBTI test and have been asking my whole family and Jens to do it. It is a very short test that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Anyone interested can click on the link (Here).

I find it highly entertaining to read up on the different personality types. One of the articles I came across was a Disney one and I learnt that I am most similar to…Elsa.


Bright and forward-thinking, you are independent and a natural leader, but you also have a tendency to be skeptical and pessimistic. You are very motivated to reach your goals and hold yourself (and others) to a high standard. (There are some instances where you can learn to let it go.)

Yes, how apt it this? I am still learning how to LET IT GO. Countdown: One more week!

Exactly one week to Norway and reuniting with Jens. We have been very very blessed this year and I am truly thankful for our coordinated schedules and understanding bosses.

Can’t wait to explore a new country (at least for me) with Jens! T to the A G G A D!

Overnight Oats

Current favourite breakfast: Overnight oats. 

Breakfast is always important to me and I rarely skip it unless I really have nothing to eat. Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of articles/instagram posts on overnight oats and I don’t know why I never felt motivated to give it a try until recently.

I love how it is so convenient, yummy and healthy at the same time. It has been fun experimenting with different toppings everyday - grapes, banana, cinnamon, peanut butter etc. Always nice to start the day on a good note:)

12th Oct: Jane Thai Mookata Dinner with the family.

Meat barbecued with pork lard, soup flavoured with vegetables and more pork lard, fried chicken wings. Let’s just say that I am glad that I did kick some butt at the gym before having this meal. It was worth the calories though and we managed to wipe out everything.

So much yum in my tum.

Last weekend, FF had a Yoga Marathon special and I went for two full hours of Hot Flow and Gentle Flow yoga. It was intense but really enriching. Plus it was nice that there were many volunteers around to adjust our poses and push us further.

I know I am going to miss my practising yoga and going for combat lessons once my gym membership ends at the end of the month but I hope I will continue to be able to keep up my fitness outside of FF. 

Yoga studio recommendations anyone?

10th Oct: Dinner with netballers.

It has been a very long while since we had full attendance for a gathering. We had a feast at Kok Sen Zi Char Place and the food was really good and reasonably priced. We walked over to Ann Siang Hill after and tried some interesting beers at Oxwell & Co. I never knew there were places in Singapore where I could feel like a foreigner until I walked through Ann Siang Hill on a Friday night.

Anyway, it is always a joy to catch up with these girls. Looking forward to bringing everyone together for a netball game!